We grind away to create a smoother, safer asphalt surface.

Depending on the condition and thickness of the existing asphalt, we may be able to repair your pavement by milling (grinding) off a layer of the existing asphalt to prepare the surface for an asphalt overlay.

ASO’s Mill and Overlay Process:

Your existing asphalt is milled a depth of two to six inches.  A layer of liquid asphalt, called tack coat, which functions as a bonding agent, will be sprayed on the existing asphalt before the new asphalt is applied. Tack coat is extremely ‘tacky’ or sticky and assures that the new asphalt will bond properly with the old asphalt.

Although asphalt resurfacing will undoubtedly improve the appearance of your lot or roadway, asphalt overlays will also correct drainage problems and address safety concerns.

The ASO Difference

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