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The Lifecycle of Pavement

There are six basic steps to the life cycle of pavement. At Asphalt Services of Ohio, we aim to educate and inform our customers about our […]

Planning for Asphalt Maintenance

Failure to maintain your asphalt, like your vehicle, can result in costly repairs. So it’s important to be proactive, and budget for necessary maintenance before your lot or roadway deteriorates and becomes more expensive to repair.

5 Things to Look For When Hiring a Paving Contractor

There are many fantastic paving contractors who can provide quality service and maintenance for your asphalt surfaces – you just need to know what to look for!

Do I Really Need to Sealcoat My Asphalt?

The concept of sealcoating is relatively simple, but can save your business a lot of money in repair costs and can give your asphalt a fresh, new appearance. 

3 Steps for Maintaining Your Commercial Asphalt Surfaces

When managing a commercial property, a little extra effort on maintenance can go a long way.  Your equipment, landscaping and facilities all require regular maintenance – and asphalt is no exception.