Common Asphalt Problems and How to Fix Them

common asphalt problems

In this blog post, we will take a look at common asphalt issues occurring in parking lots, on roadways and wherever asphalt pavement is used. We will explain how and why they occur, and how Asphalt Services of Ohio can fix them.

Problem: Potholes

Potholes happen over time from moisture penetrating the pavement and expanding underneath. As temperatures rise in spring after the winter thaw, we see an increase in potholes. This is because water that seeped below the pavement surface froze and expanded, then melted creating a weak area in the asphalt that results in a pothole.  

How ASO Treats Potholes:

It’s important to fix potholes ASAP as they increase the risk of injuries and vehicle damage on your property. We fill potholes, by cleaning out the area, applying a binding agent and then using compacted asphalt to fill the hole. For larger potholes, we cut out the affected area, replace the asphalt and seal it. 

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Problem: Cracking

Cracking can take many different forms in asphalt over time due to the weather or wear and tear on of the asphalt. For example, if your asphalt is especially porous, during the winter months, water can seep into these pores, expand when it freezes, and create cracks in the pavement from the pressure. Or, if your asphalt experiences a lot of weight regularly (for example, a loading dock), it is more likely to crack earlier than asphalt that does not experience as much weight.

How ASO Treats Asphalt Cracks:

Cracks wider than ¼” should be sealed immediately to prevent further damage. We clean out the crack by removing dirt, debris and moisture then we seal the crack with an ODOT approved hot rubber material that prevents water from penetrating.

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Problem: Depression

Depression occurs when the ground level is slightly lower than the other areas of pavement around it. These can be caused by settlement in the subgrade pavement and are most noticeable after rainfall when water will gather in the area.

How ASO Treats Depressions:

We will assess the area to determine the ideal repair. We may need to cut out the area and bring it up to a proper elevation, or consider leveling the depression before applying an overlay. 

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Problem: Oil Spots

Oil spots occur when a vehicle spills oil onto pavement. They can be pretty common in parking lots and loading docks. However, if not cleaned up properly, these oil spots can seep below the surface and decrease the life expectancy of your asphalt.

How ASO Treats Oil Spots:

We will clean the area to ensure sealant sticks to the surface before applying a primer or sealcoat to protect against future damage. If the damage is excessive, we may need to mill out and overlay or remove and replace the area.






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