Planning for Asphalt Maintenance

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Just like a car needs oil changes, tire rotations and other regular maintenance, your asphalt surfaces need some TLC to stay in good working order. When properly installed and maintained, an asphalt surface can last for 10-20 years!

Failure to maintain your asphalt, like your vehicle, can result in costly repairs. So it’s important to be proactive, and budget for necessary maintenance before your lot or roadway deteriorates and becomes more expensive to repair.

Here’s what Asphalt Services of Ohio recommends to prepare for asphalt maintenance:

Pot Hole Repair

  • How Often? ASAP when needed.
  • Why? When potholes show up on your parking lot or roadway, they increase the risk of injuries and vehicle damage. Having potholes patched as soon as possible will help address safety concerns, and keep your asphalt surface looking its best.


  • How Often? Every 3-5 years.
  • Why? Sealcoating regularly is a proactive measure that can protect your asphalt surface. Sealcoat guards against damage caused by rain and snow, the sun, leaks and spills. When these elements penetrate your asphalt, they lead to degradation over time.

Regular asphalt maintenance keeps commercial roadways and parking lots looking and performing their best!

Crack Sealing

  • How Often? Annually and when sealcoating.
  • Why? Crack Sealing goes hand-in-hand with sealcoating as a way to prevent harmful elements from penetrating your asphalt surface. Cracks wider than 1/4” need to be filled as soon as possible to prevent moisture from getting under the pavement.
    Water is a particular issue for pavement. If water gets under your pavement and freezes, it will expand and push the asphalt material apart, causing deterioration of the surface. Regular crack sealing can help to prevent water damage.


  • How Often? When fading and when sealcoating.
  • Why? Restriping your lot not only keeps it looking great, it also helps your customers, tenants and visitors easily identify parking spaces and other parking markings.

Maintenance and repair costs can vary widely based on your needs, so proper budgeting can be achieved by working directly with a professional asphalt contractor.

At ASO, our commercial clients receive a year-by-year, property-by-property guide to caring for their asphalt surfaces. We prescribe a recommended service schedule, along with estimates, to help budget for necessary maintenance.

We also provide the most cost-effective solutions, and help prioritize or prepare alternative plans without compromising quality to meet clients’ budgetary needs.

Does your asphalt need some TLC? Contact our team today to discuss maintenance and repairs.